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PhotographyJam - the photographer's resource: Unsharp Mask: suggested starting values
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Unsharp Mask: suggested starting values · Jun 5, 09:58 PM by Simon Mackie

Scott Kelby suggests using the following settings as starting points for Unsharp Mask (USM) in Photoshop. Give them a go:

Subject Amount Radius Threshold
Soft subjects 150 1 10
Portraits 75 2 3
Moderate sharpening 225 0.5 0
Maximum sharpening 65 4 3
All-purpose sharpening 85 1 4
preparing for Web 400 0.3 0

Remember that these are just guidelines – oversharpened images always look terrible. Try these as a starting point, but if you get symptoms of oversharpening (grain in the image, and “halos” around objects), back off a little bit. And always check the image at at least 100% zoom.

  1. One thing I always forget to do, sharpen my images.

    Very nice guidelines.

    Alex Richards    Jun 5, 11:11 PM    #

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