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CHDK Firmware for Canon Powershot cameras · 2817 days ago by Simon Mackie

If you have a Powershot camera, check out the CHDK firmware enhancement. Check out the list of cool enhancements you get:

Amazing stuff! As it’s loaded when the camera boots from the memory card, no permanent changes are made to the camera so you can get back to standard any time you like.


Reuters Pictures of the Year 2007 · 2904 days ago by Simon Mackie

110 of Reuters finest pictures from 2007. Some great photojournalism.


Colour correction using classical art · 2952 days ago by Simon Mackie

This is an old link, but I hadn’t seen it before:

Improve your photography with classical art.

It’s a technique using the colour choices made by the old masters in classical artwork to colour correct your photos using Photoshop’s “Match Color” command. Interesting stuff, thanks James Delaney!


Canon's EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals · 3154 days ago by Simon Mackie

Canon have made their “EOS Digital Photo Guidebook for Professionals” available for free download as a PDF from their web site. It looks like it’s a bit of propaganda from Canon to try to persuade pros to switch from film (not that I think there are many left…) but there might be some useful hints in there for you.


Poor neglected blog.. · 3170 days ago by Simon Mackie

Ok, Ok, so PhotographyJam has been somewhat neglected recently. New posts will be coming soon. But first a question for everyone toting Canon equipment. Which is better as a walkaround “standard” lens: the Canon 17-40 f/4 L, or the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8?

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Christmas gift ideas for photographers: a Lensbaby 3G · 3295 days ago by Simon Mackie

If you’re stuck for an idea of what to get the photographer in your life for Christmas, look no further than a Lensbaby 3G. I own one of the original Lensbabies, but this latest incarnation improves massively on the original idea by not only allowing for selective focus, but also has a cunning locking system that allows you fix the focus in place and even fine tune it using a focusing ring. This is a massive improvement of the original Lensbababies, which, while lots of fun, didn’t really allow you to set up repeatable shots on a tripod. Any photographer opening a Lensbaby 3G on Christmas Day is in for a lot of inspirational fun.


New article on panoramic photos using Autostich · 3324 days ago by Simon Mackie

I just posted a new article on creating panoramas using Autostitch – I hope that you enjoy it and find it useful.

Autostitch is a truly wonderful piece of software – it’s amazing to think of the math that must have gone into it.


New Pentax K10D · 3339 days ago by Simon Mackie

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for Pentax – and the new k10D looks great. Check out this promo video on YouTube:

Antishake, antidust and weathersealing (the aspect that’s got me most excited) with a body that will accept the whole range of Pentax lenses – a pretty good package. Check out Phil Askey’s hands-on preview at DPreview for more.


JPG Magazine - relaunched · 3347 days ago by Simon Mackie

Derek Powazek emailed me recently to let me know that JPG Magazine has relanched. In case you haven’t seen it before, JPG Magazine is a great (and I mean great) bi-monthly print magazine where its photos are contributed by its readers. You can that you can submit your own photos at the web site, and vote on other people’s submissions. Each issue has a few central themes (current themes are Big, Hometown, and Self-portraiture) and there’s 7 days left to go until the deadline for the next issue – contributors to the magazine get a free year’s subsciption and $100. Check their about page for more information on the submission and selection process works.

Even if you don’t want to submit your own images, it’s well worth checking out the submitted photos, and the magazine itself, for some truly inspirational, cool, and different work.


Canon 400D / Rebel XTi rattle · 3358 days ago by Simon Mackie

Seems like the 400D/XTi is affected by the same rattle that I blogged about before. In short, it’s the orientation sensor in the camera, and is nothing to worry about (even though it is annoying)

It would be nice if Canon could figure out a way to deal with this problem – even though it’s only a minor annoyance I see it come up as an issue plenty of times on forums, etc, and does make the camera feel less solidly built than it could have been.